GFCI protection to an entire circuit

Safety First.

GFCI Receptacle vs GFCI Circuit Breaker Protection

Comparing GFCI Protection


vs GFCI Circuit Breakers 

GFCI is a ground fault circuit interrupter, it monitors current flow on the ungrounded (the hot) and the grounded conductor (the neutral)

GFCI receptacles are easier to install. Sometimes the decision comes down to a question of efficiency. For example, if you need GFCI protection for just one or two receptacles—say, for a bathroom or laundry room—it probably makes the most sense to simply install GFCI receptacles at those locations. 

GFCI Receptacle Reset

Easier to test and reset, since the buttons are right there on the outlet

Ease of Install

Receptacles can be installed nearly anywhere—like, say, an old bathroom. 

Receptacle Limitations

15-amp plugs can work in 20-amp receptacles but 20-amp plugs will not work in 15-amp receptacles.

Tamperproof Protection

Outdoor GFCI receptacles may be combined with weather-resistant enclosures for additional protection.

GFCI Circuit Breakers are Costly

GFCI breakers are more costly than their receptacle counterparts marking them not an optimal choice for smaller budgets

Better Form factor 

A GFCI is slightly larger than a standard outlet, sometimes making it a tough fit. That’s when you’re better off with the circuit breaker.

GFCI Safety Record

Lifesaving devices that have contributed to the steady drop in electrocutions from consumer products


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